SCADACENTER – SCADA System in the Cloud

View your process from your desktop or from your mobile device with a standard browser.
Easy development of new screens and new elements.
SCADACENTER handles the latest web technologies ensuring high availability.
All the data of your processes with just one click, regardless of the place.

Money Saving Tool !!!

It is not necessary to buy and maintain servers, operating systems, licenses, IT security, power plant, air conditioning, UPS, data warehouse and other specialized equipment and people.
Payment by consumption – you do not need to have an oversized system, the payment is by tag, ensuring the best cost benefit.
System that allows the control of all your sites by cellular networks with Sim card without fixed IP !!!

RAVID protocol

Safe and reliable protocol for cellular and satellite networks that was developed especially for the application in the SCADACENTER cloud, it is a flexible and robust protocol
Main characteristics:
• Time stamp for each signal
• RBE – report by exception
• Time synchronization
• Network of multilayer
• Data packaging
• Store and Forward
• Data hierarchy
• CRC 16bit
• TCP / IP or Serial
• Watch Dog

RAVID protocol - SOE

Timestamp at the moment an event occurs.
The field controller must add a timestamp for when an event occurs. Events that have occurred must be marked with the date and time when the event occurs. Data recording must allow SOE (Sequence Of Events).
Time-stamped data produced directly from the field allows monitoring of historical events in real time, that is, a sequence of events.

RAVID protocol - RBE

The field controller must transmit data when there is a significant change, which has been configured to report because it is important and not only when information is requested.
RBE, (Exception Report) allows you to save valuable communication time and free up bandwidth by avoiding requests that do not provide any new or different information, making it possible to control more information from more controllers in the same bandwidth.

RAVID Protocol - Time Sync

The field controller must allow the synchronization of its clock thus keeping all the controllers with the same clock and the history can see several events at the same point on the timeline.
System that maintains exactly the same clock in all its elements allows better investigation of events and better decision-making.

Secure Income

– Flexibility and security –

Secure login by identifying the user with a password and the client.
User monitoring through activity log.
Different positions and levels of operators
Permissions by layers and knowledge.

Geo Referenced System

– Where are your teams? –

All sites are georeferenced
Allows integration of mobile equipment such as cars, trucks and people
Allows the location of sites, mobile equipment and personnel.
Icons with status color
Links to navigate to each site
System that allows control with Sim card without fixed IP

Mimics and Reports

– How much? How? When? Where? Who? –

Mimics to illustrate the process.
Alarms, Events and data separated by colors
Trends, reports and data exported to Excel, PDF or CSV
Integration with video cameras
Events linked to sequence of images
Control by tasks and calendar
Timeline of activities and operations

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