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At SKNHOSTING, we are specialists in providing top-quality, person-focused hosting services, design, development, implementation, engineering and maintenance, hardware and software solutions for telemetry, IIoT, M2M and SCADA systems . Our goal is to render the hosting service as user-friendly as possible.

Website Hosting Solutions

Our web hosting portfolio comprises a large range of web hosting packages, which offer abundant web space and bandwidth quotas, domain name registration/transfer options, ultramodern Domain and Email Managers, multiple domain hosting options, as well as free bonus tools, such as a one-click application installer and a website building tool. All accounts can be easily administered via our multi-language Control Panel. A 24-7-365 client care service is available too.

Web Hosting Platform

One thing that distinguishes us from other hosting providers is the fact that we employ a different web hosting platform and Control Panel. The main difference between our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and the widely used cPanel is that our hosting Control Panel offers billing, domain and website administration options, which spares you the effort of remembering different usernames and passwords for different hosting Control Panels.

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